Volunteers needed to pose for an ongoing project, with a forth – coming photographic exhibition.

Naked britain- Naked exposure is a SERIOUS not smutty representation of the vastly different attitudes towards nudity.

I am looking for ordinary people – no glamour models/models please – of all different shapes

sizes, colours, and creeds that make up our cultures, to take part in this exciting/project.  From house wives to policeman, from bank managers to care workers, from city executives to the …

However you identify yourself

My only requirement is that you have an opinion on how you wish to be photographed.  I would like to bring YOUR vision to life!   Have a think.

Having run this project on a complete voluntary basis for 10 years.  From 2014, onwards I request and would be grateful if you could contribute to costs.  Depending on your contribution I will give you a professional print of your image, either on approximate size A4 or A3.

If you are interested please message me a little about your idea.

(Not all my sitters have or will be added to this website, however all will be shown in future exhibitions)

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