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Naked woman on mortuary table

Death in my opinion is the new sex. I say that because people could get uptight when talking about sex. I find that people are equally tense and apprehensive when dealing with death too.

I was terrified of death as a child. Obsessed with the grisly history of the Tudor age and convinced that my wonderful Granny would die in her sleep when I had sleepovers. The prospect was unbearable. As I age, I fear the loss of my Mother for many reasons. Yet I know this is the natural order of things and it should not come as a surprise.

Fast forward several years and I’m now fully conversant with death and all that she brings. I’m inquisitive and fascinated in equal measures. I am deeply spiritual and believe strongly in being on this earth for a reason. I know what my earthly purpose is, and that brings me peace. I no longer fear death, in fact I welcome it. I explore my ‘disposal’ options giving serious consideration to how my death can contribute to the planet, rather than exacerbating current issues around the cremation industry etc. In fact, I’m rather excited about the real possibility of been composted or even given a water cremation.

Death is evitable. I can’t hide from her. So, I may as well face her head on and make friends with her, whilst learning a lot about myself in the process. I passionately want to encourage people to be more death positive, because I know, as a result, they will feel empowerment and less fear.

“Below on a very different note is my account on how I met Anastasia. I felt it equally important as the account above. Hence, deciding to include both”.

“Fancy a day on the streets in London?” my camera buddy asked.  “Sure, let’s go” I replied.  A day with a camera and a good friend is the best therapy in my book.

That day I met Anastasia.  She was running our course in street photography for the day.  I took to her straight away, she was kooky and a little vulnerable…and I liked that.  I identified with her immediately.

Over lunch, we chatted about Naked Britain and we discussed the rewards of embracing a long term photography project.  I was keen to address FGM and Anastasia was celebrating people in their most honest state.  Maybe it was the wine, but I put my self forward mainly because I wanted to work with this intriguing lady.  Also because I like to scare myself, it makes me feel alive.

I specialise in death. Sad, but true.  It’s a huge part of my life.  It fascinates me and horrifies me in equal measures.

If I was to strip naked, it had to be relevant and it mattered that it was raw, gritty and honest. Not some overworked, soft, predictable boudoir shoot.

So, it had to be a morgue.

Two photographers in a morgue.


With cameras and their thoughts

One of the most enthralling days I’ve encountered in a long time.  There was nothing seedy about it, we made a little art and it actually meant something.  I’m not pretty and my body has plenty of flaws, I no longer care.

I am a girl who prefers sex in the dark and wants to live forever.

When I met with Anastasia that morning she wore a t’shirt. Across the front was written,  “I’ve seen you naked”.  Indeed she has, and she didn’t blink an eye or judge.  How refreshing and reassuring to know there are still people like her in the world.

Thank you lovely lady x

Louise  13/06/2017