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This is not my reality

To be able to wake up and pick a lemon from this tree

This a goal, a wish, a dream fulfilled fleetingly, caught on film by someone I barely know

But someone who respected, felt, understands my reasons

So I am grateful

Grateful for the person who let us use his property, who has such passion for his relationship with the land, which is inspiring for me

And also to be reminded not to take the fruits of his labour and all people who work the land to produce food for granted

It is a relationship I want more than any other I think, but I am hesitant to take those steps that will lead me away from so many ‘habits’ we city folk cling to

The day this image was taken I hope that it represents one step along the path to my personal fruitful future

This picture was taken on a chilly day in the hinterland outside Melbourne where Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos visit to enjoy the fruits of our host’s labour also. Many pictures taken, many sensory experiences felt because I was naked because there were no barriers between the elements, the varied weather we experienced or the textures I felt as interacted with so many scenes on this property.

Andy  26/08/2015