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‘Come as you are’

Naked woman in church; naked journey; self awareness journey

I’ve always wanted to be part of an art project and being naked and celebrating our bodies is very important, particularly in this age where we are constantly scrutinised and told how to look and dress. Getting the balance between being happy in our skin, our head and our wellbeing and not feeling ashamed of who we are. We can get quite caught up in that, so I volunteered to be part of Anastasia’s project for these reasons.

Being in a church brought back memories of my religious upbringing and the teachings, dos’ and don’ts’ of The Church that I object to. Being there echoed the spirit of many religions of ‘come as you are’ and the accepting and unconditional Love of God. Religion has had many roles and purpose over time and although I no longer have a religious faith, I still appreciate these buildings for their shelter, quietness, architecture and piece of history. 

Anonymous 05/10/2019