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Dirty Old man

Nude art

I love being naked, and I have no idea what the difference is between naked and nude or nudism and naturism. To me, you either have your clothes on, or you don’t. I don’t mind being naked at all unless it is in a situation where it might offend or upset other people. I know people have hang-ups about nudity, which is a shame, but I understand that is how it is for them, and I don’t want to upset them more. I loved this shoot.  I took my clothes off almost straight away and didn’t put them back on for about 3 hours.

We had devised between us that I would be a dirty old man. I’m not, really, a dirty old man, but I have a few issues about sex and/or nudity, and we thought it would be fun to play on that and get dirty. I loved the feeling of rubbing mud all over me because, normally, one wouldn’t want to do that, but the child in me thought, “Great, let’s do it!” knowing that it was allowed and that I could wash it all off later.

This is the image that jumped out at me when I viewed a selection from the shoot. It shows me standing up for myself, while challenging the viewer, but I am also fearful, so there is vulnerability, too. One looks, wonders, wonders, and carries on looking. That is what Anastasia Trahanas is all about.

Tim Andrews  19/06/2013