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Evans’ light

naked man in foetal position

There must be something wrong with me. This shoot was unusual for both the photographer and me, being relatively on ‘spur of the moment’ and something that I had never done before. It was the product of a discussion at a party the previous evening where the Naked Britain project was being talked about, and the motives of the models were being commented on very disparagingly by someone.

Being a hobby photographer (and liberal in my mindset) I was engaged in the conversation and thought ‘why not?’ and volunteered as a model. The more I thought about it the more enthusiastic I became; the opportunity to be photographed by a professional photographer, the art, the concept, a point of record at the midpoint of my life all came together. Additionally, the location of the party at a country house was extremely photogenic and the junk room I found was beautifully disordered and dusty with wonderful light from two sides with a lantern skylight overhead.

The pose was also a spur of the moment decision, having taken a number of shots in more conventional poses. Was it because being naked in public made me regress back into a foetal position? Do I yearn for the comfort of the womb? Is it oedipal? Or was it actually quite cold, hard and scratchy and an opportunity to show off my tattoos?

Mike 05/10/2019