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Human animal nature

But soon it’s time to go.
Rejoin the gaffers, golfers, and gasmen, the glaziers, landlords, bankers, programmers and councillors.

And so the jeans go back on, with the belt and the socks and the shoes…
Living in the city requires a constant change of uniform
From the smiles and the mild snarls to the shoes and the phone and even which newspaper.

Having all the uniforms to choose from is a blessing
But the quick changes wear thin and the stitching comes undone from time to time.
Perhaps the birds and the trees, the lichen, ‘shrooms and moss, the rabbits, foxes, farmers, fields, cows, badgers, walkers all have better ideas?

So shrug off the jeans and the belt, throw down the boxers, socks and shirt and stand in the sun or shade of the leaves and relax;  feeling, breathing, smelling, tasting, hearing the green, brown windy, warm crunchy, squelching, honey’d, gritty, furry of it all.

Noticing nature, noticing human-animal nature, noticing our shared nature.

Simon   18/05/2008