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nude man in cemetery

Where the sun is denied its authority
But dirge, the stubborn wind fails to bring else;
The trees mourn, for every cold blooded story inscribed on the stones

In one such regime of life, where death alone compromised living, the unforgivable
betrayal of departure,
Fading memories of once a companionship,
The endless vacuum of solitude,
The shaming feeling of powerless,
All be endured in silence.

Those eyes had come to witness irony,
As if the only way of life.
The mind had come to imprint on despair,
As if the only outcome of ambition.
And the soul had come to accept deceit,
As penance for misplacing trust.

In one such regime of life,
If I dare desire-
To be freed from everything past,
To be audience to music far from dirge,
To experience the rescue of love and
To pride this existence,

Until such time,
This longing be endured in silence.

Anonymous 23/09/2012