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OMG! Is she crazy?

Some years ago I looked out of my window to see my neighbour, a man hanging out his washing on the clothesline and he was completely naked. (Maybe his clothes needed to dry before he could put them back on) The first thought that entered my head was “Oh my god, what is he doing…is he crazy, is he ok”! I felt concerned as I watched this naked man hanging his clothes on the line.  I sincerely thought this man was not in his right mind…I was concerned.

This incident was the beginning of my own process of ‘self discovery’ through ‘self questioning ‘ about the clothing we wear and how comfortable we are in being naked within the society we live in, or how comfortable we are seeing someone else openly naked.

This man was not crazy, he was simply being how he felt like being without the restraints of clothing. I now have learned how free or comfortable he may have felt.  This process of personal liberation has been a wonderful revelation of ‘the self’.

Paula  12/12/2015