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naked paraplegic man sitting on table
naked paraplegic man looking out the window

“ I am me. I’m not perfect in many ways and I would never claim to be. I’m proud of the body that I’ve been given, scars and all, and the acceptance of it by others. Being naked in front of Anastasia felt so natural and I felt so relaxed that I didn’t even bother putting my clothes on when we had breaks!”. The process that I went through in this shoot was so  self-affirming that I am proud to share myself through the Naked Britain project.

Pete   29/05/2019


The making of Naked Britain with the genuine & very generous 'PETE'.

“It was truly an honour to have worked with Pete”.

For better quality viewing, Anastasia’s videos on the making of Naked Britain can also be viewed on Vimeo & YouTube – Naked Britain – Anastasia Trahanas Photography