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The English

naked running man

The English on a whole are unable to cope sensibly with nudity.  It seems to be a taboo which is ascendant in our ever more restrictive society.  The reverse seems so on the continent, where people think more in terms of a right to go naked if one wants to In Spain, for example, the right is entrenched by law.  You can be told to cover up but the premises is that you don’t have to; a human rights issue.

There is, of course, the freedom thing that many of your models speak of.  I think the lack of pretence is more important, if not another way of expressing something similar.  We all feel and behave differently depending on how we dress.  Contrast how you feel in formal dress/swimwear/tee shirt and jeans/uniform.  Lack of clothing means lack of pretence to me.

I think I’d describe myself more as a nudist than a naturist, though the distinction attracts a fair amount of academic argument.  To me, naturism is more a simple philosophy, to do with Adam and Eve and getting back to nature.  I simply feel happier when I don’t have to wear clothes.

As to how I’d like to be photographed, what I would not like would be a static pose.  I’d prefer to be doing something like pulling, pushing, climbing, dancing, or running.  This does more illustrate that one can be active nude, as distinct from just sitting around.

Anonymous   24/11/2007