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naked britain woman leaping from rocks


by Anastasia Trahanas· September 08, 2016· in · 0 comments


by Anastasia Trahanas· April 01, 2005· in · 0 comments
These Images are portraits that are a collaboration between the photographer and the sitters – where there is no static formality of the positioning of the subject.  The subjects select their location whether it is a private, public, or intimate space.  Followed by adding text/story to accompany their image. Naked Britain began in early 2005. My aim is to photograph 100 models)  As a British resident, Anastasia intends to place the focal point of her subjects within Britain, hence ‘Naked Britain.  However, she will be opening this project to other countries in the future – on her travels. This is an ongoing lifetime project.  Terms and Conditions – NAKED BRITAIN  This is a documenting project, which takes a look at ‘the self’ as a raw individual as well as their response to society.  The representation of ‘the self’ is portrayed with an element of exposing their ‘identity’, and whilst being brought up in a western society where clothing is a part of their attire, the shedding of these garments symbolically adds to this element – as if it is a vital part of acceptance.  It is not only about being naked in a physical sense, (without clothing) but metaphorically as […]
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